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Hardware maintenance service

Change parts Technical assistance, contract renewal, reliable service
Computer, server, network repair services, annual contract renewal

for continuity of your business

Hardware maintenance service

At Greenwill Solution, we understand the importance of continuous operations, so we have developed our hardware maintenance services. The aim is to minimize downtime on your equipment and extend its lifespan. of your hardware system Emphasis is placed on preventative maintenance, repairs, and replacement of damaged parts. With a team of skilled technicians available to respond 24 hours a day, we provide service for a wide range of equipment including servers, storage systems, and networking equipment from leading brands like Cisco, Dell, EMC, IBM, HPE, and more. many more

Our services cover

  • Receiving notifications of breakdowns 24 hours a day, our engineers will proceed according to the service level in each contract. There are 2 types for you to choose: 24x7 or 8x5.

  • Spare parts replacement service Give an unlimited number of times throughout the service period.

  • Preventive maintenance service, 1 time

Annual service plan for members Annual Membership Plan

Service details Feature list



Service Name

Standard service Standard 3rd party HW maintenance service

Premium service Premium 3rd party HW maintenance service

Coverage Windows service hours

Working Hours, Mon-Fri 9:00-18:00

Every day 00:00-24:00

Contract period

12 months, minimum 6 months

12 months, minimum 6 months

Unlimited HW replacement

Included in the service Included

Included in the service Included

Preventive Maintenance

1 time for 12 months contract

1 time for 12 months contract

Advantages of using hardware maintenance services with us

  1. Can be used with all brands of equipment

  2. Can take care of every device in one contract

  3. Can choose service level as desired

  4. Receive standard service that you can trust

How to use the service

  1. The customer requests a quotation. By sending details of the equipment you want to use the service by click here.

  2. Prepare device information (If there is more than 1 item of equipment, a list can be prepared in an Excel file)

  3. Specify the location to install equipment in case you need to go in and change parts.

  4. Specify the period and date you want to start using the service.

  5. Specify the service level (Service Level Agreement), which has 2 levels: 8x5xNBD or 24x7x4h. You can choose both levels in case you want to check the price.

  6. We may notify you. To request additional system information (Log), if needed, for estimating prices.

  7. The quotation for service will take approximately 3-5 business days.

  8. Confirmation service is available By signing and approving the quotation or issuing a purchase order

  9. After receiving the purchase order, Greenville Solutions will invite the customer's representative. Attend the Onboarding meeting to clarify service details. and how to use the service

Examples of brands of equipment that we can provide

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