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Our Projects

Nokia DTAC Vulnerability Assessment

Nokia DTAC Client Vulnerability Assessment

Nokia DTAC Kaspersky managed service

Nokia DTAC Kaspersky for Outsource

Nokia AIS NMS Redhat Hardening

Nokia AIS Redhat Hardening

Nokia True HDD upgrade and Redhat Renewal

Nokia True HDD and Redhat installation

Goodday Rajamangala HW and SW installation

Goodday Rajamangala HW and SW installation

Nokia DTAC Brocade Security Remediation

Nokia DTAC Brocade FW update Security Remediation service

Samart TOT/NT MD installation @KKM

Samart TOT/NT HW and SW installation and Commissioning

Nokia DTAC EXP23 Server relocation

Nokia DTAC Server relocation, cabling and labelling.

Goodday Suranaree University R440 installation

Goodday Surararee HW and SW installation

Goodday Nara SSD supply and Data Migration

Goodday Nara HPDL360 Gen9 HDD installation and Data Migration

Goodday Naraglobal AD Configuration

Goodday Nara Global HW+SW installation, Technical support

Nokia HW Maintenance and Web Hosting service

HW Maintenance Service for 162 units SLA24x7x4h and 8x5xNBD

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