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Repair service and technical support for servers

Time and Material Hardware Service

Time and materials (T&M) services are a flexible IT service model. by customer pay Real-time service fees and spare parts costs used in providing services This model is suitable for projects with uncertain scope, changing requirements, or when a rapid start-up is required.

Technical support service Charge based on time and materials
Solve server, computer, and network problems

Hourly Service: Service fees are based on the working hours of our technical staff.

Materials: Costs for materials used during the provision of services, such as hardware, software licenses. and other necessary materials

System installation service (Installation Assistant)

It covers technical support to help set up and determine what hardware is required. The service is available in two modes: Onsite Support and Remote Server Installation. Services covering computers, servers, storage devices network equipment and peripherals

Services also include Ensuring that hardware is properly installed, configured, and connected to existing systems and meets operational needs.

Problem solving service (Troubleshooting service)

Will cover diagnosis to determine the cause. and fix problems caused by both hardware and operating systems Solving our problems Problems from applications not listed will not be covered.

Services will be available both at the location where the equipment is installed (Onsite support) in the case of repairs and replacement of defective parts, and remotely for troubleshooting software problems.

Supports hardware optimization and preventive maintenance to avoid future problems.

In the case where the problem is solved Caused by damaged equipment and having to replace parts It may take approximately 3-5 days to check the price of spare parts and approximately 10 days to order spare parts if the server who want repairs quickly, it is recommended to sign up for membership Annual maintenance service

HPE server repair service
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

ซ่อมอุปกรณ์ Cisco
บริการซ่อม อุปกรณ์ Cisco

Repair, expand, and install Dell Technologies servers.
Dell Technologies server repair service

บริการซ่อม และสนับสนุน เซิร์ฟเวอร์ Lenovo

บริการซ่อม และสนับสนุนทางเทคนิค ให้ Juniper Network
Juniper Network

บริการซ่อม และสนับสนุน ทางเทคนิค Dell EMC
Dell and EMC Storage

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